Executive Recruitment

Our values and objectives

Our vision and values

All communications and marketing will underpin the mission, vision and values that Unitas has at its heart , building a strong narrative for the organisation.

This narrative will support Unitas key business objectives of: 

  • Mission statement: to maintain and improve our homes and properties through planned investment and efficient maintenance .
  • Vision statement: To create a positive local impact and provide opportunities within the communities that we operate.


  • we are collaborative, trusted professionals
  • we deliver with pride, professionalism and reliably in everything that we do
  • we are passionate about making a positive difference to our community 

Key objectives

  • to deliver our services safely and to be compliant with our obligations
  • invest our revenues locally 
  • improve the quality of housing and property through strategic investment 
  • generate a sustainable return to protect services (of our parent company)
  • deliver efficient, effective services and value to our customers and stakeholders
  • to recruit, develop and retain a motivated team